Project Details

Lepetite is a Photography Business. She’s providing their services in Campbell, CA. She’s a professional Photographer. She’s doing Newborn Baby Photography.

We provided them with a solution on how to reach B2B potential clients and help to grow their business. Also, increased its brands recognition by using marketing techniques and created a sales funnel for their business model.





Targeted Audience

Targeted newborn Moms to promote the core of the business which was newborn baby photography.


Created brand awareness to increase the growth of the business.


Client wanted to grow her personal brand in Campbell, CA. Also, wanted to attract the ideal clients for her newborn photography services.


We have integrated multiple marketing strategies like Social Media Marketing, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads to create brand awareness.

Our Solution

  • Displaying ads on mobile devices frequently within geo-fencing radius at peak visiting time.
  • Launching a campaign advert on social media with carousel ads displaying promoted sets including services and its features.
  • Carousel were made for the Facebook campaigns.
  • Created Instagram ads and implement successful marketing strategies.

Ad Creative


After working with us Lepitite has now become a brand which competing its competitors and they are performing at its best locally.In Less than a month client achieved more than they were expecting and generated a potential leads for the brand. Lepitite has several customers prior to INTRAZIX whom have all promise the same thing, results. Shortly after Lepitite business model was redesigned by INTRAZIX and relaunched its marketing campaign as Intrazix implemented a local Facebook ad campaign and Leads campaign that started generating more high quality leads instantly. 

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